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6 Home Organization Tips for Dog Moms

Posted on July 23 2018

6 Home Organization Tips for Dog Moms


Let’s face it, being a dog mom can be pretty crazy at times! 

You hardly have enough time to do everything like work, cook, clean, and play. Let alone keeping your home organized! 

Especially with all those dog toys, accessories, supplies, and vet records.

What the heck are you suppose to do with it all?!

Today, I want to try to help you out and give you some ideas to get your home at least close to organized. In the dog department that is.

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Toy basket

Buy a cute little basket or crate to keep your dog’s toys in. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Just something to hold toys, all the toys.

I bought Kiara’s toy basket at Michael’s

(I love Michael’s! And baskets for some reason…)


organize toys in a basket


Bucket for grooming supplies

I say bucket, but really any type of container works. Honestly, I keep Kiara’s grooming supplies in her first aid kit. 

(I know that doesn’t really make sense, but it was one less container to have laying around)

This will help you to more easily find that darn brush when you need it. Especially if you have a designated spot to keep the grooming bucket. 

Even if it is just a recycled bucket like this...


organize grooming supplies in a bucket


Sealed containers

Not only is it hard to organize a million bags of treats and dog food, but it doesn’t really look nice. 

So I recommend you buy a big plastic container that seals shut for your dog’s food. And a treat jar for all those dog treats!

Not only does this help organize everything, but it helps to keep your dog’s food and treats fresher longer.

You can buy one like mine on Amazon.

dog food container


Doggy binder

You know that pile of paper you have laying around that has all your dog’s vet bills and vaccination certificates?

Yeah, get rid of that mess and put it all in a binder. 

I use plastic sheet protectors so I don’t have to hole punch all the papers. And I just put all the vet bills into one, and then certificates into another, and so on. 

Or you can use dividers to better organize it. This way you can easily find what you are looking for when you need it without having to dig through a million pages.

(Of course, I use a pink binder for Kiara!)


vet records binder


Dog Cupboard

Now that you have your dog’s papers organized in a binder, treats in jars, and grooming supplies in a bucket… where are you going to put all of them?

You could have a designated space where everything dog related goes!

This could be a cupboard, pantry, or a corner of your home. 


Hopefully, now you’re home will be a little better organized and you can more easily start your spring cleaning if you haven’t already! 



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