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DIY Dog Ice Cream

Posted on July 23 2018

DIY Dog Ice Cream


It’s starting to get pretty hot out there! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the heat! But most dogs don’t, especially not Kiara. 

That’s why this DIY Dog Ice Cream is the perfect treat!

Not only will your dog love eating them, but you will love how simple they are to make! And the best part, they are super easy to customize!

Oh, and did I mention how cheap it is to make them!?

These are definitely one of Kiara’s favorite treats. 



  • 2-3 very ripe bananas
  • 1 cup plain yogurt
  • ½ cup peanut butter


dog ice cream ingredients


You will also need ice cube trays or you could get some super cute silicon mold trays like these! I was so excited to get these paw print and bone trays! You can purchase them from Amazon.

**I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.


silicone mold trays


  • Mash the banana in a bowl (I like to use my hands for this part!)
  • Mix in the other two ingredients
  • Pour/scoop mixture into ice cube trays and freeze
  • You can either keep them in the tray or pop them out and put them in a container in the freezer

mix dog ice cream ingredients

dog ice cream in mold trays


As you can see mine aren't exactly perfect looking. If you want to be able to easily pour the mixture you can blend the ingredients. But honestly, I'm not perfect when it comes to baking so here it is! 

But they still turned out!


dog ice cream



Like I said these are super easy to make. It will only take you about 5-10 minutes. And you can easily customize them by trying out different fruits to add in with the rest of the ingredients. 

You could also use this recipe to stuff into some dog toys, such as Kong, and freeze. 


Join us in the Crazy Dog Mom Club and share your photos of you and your fur babe making and enjoying these treats!


*Please consult your veterinarian before adding to or changing your dog's diet



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