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How to Clean the Dog Fur Out of Your Home

Posted on July 23 2018

How to Clean the Dog Fur Out of Your Home


Being a dog mom you understand the struggle of dog fur in the home. Especially if you own a Husky or other high-shedding breeds.

In the Winter I vacuum the house once a week. (I’m not even sure if that’s enough.)

Come Spring, I vacuum the house at least twice a week and sweep after one of those times. And pretty much immediately after, the house is full of fur again!

Today I wanted to share a couple tips for getting rid of the fur in your home.

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Before we start with the house, start with the dog

Take your dog outside and give him/her a good brushing!

The birds will love all the fur floating around in your yard! It makes great nest cushioning.


brush your dog outside



Start high with the ceilings and walls

I use a damp washcloth and quickly wipe down the ceiling and walls. 

With the dry air during winter, fur sticks to the walls like crazy. You will be surprised how much you will wipe off, even if you didn’t notice it was there.

While I’m doing this I will wipe the baseboards too!


Next up, furniture

If you don’t have a vacuum with special fur removing tools, like the Hoover Pet Rewind, you can just use a small squeegee. 

Put some muscle into while you drag the squeegee across all your furniture.

If there’s some fur that’s really stuck on, you can spray an upholstery cleaner or even Febreeze to dampen the fabric. This will get the fur to stick and clump up, making it easier to pull off.

If you don't have a squeegee and don't want to purchase one, you can use rubber gloves. They pretty much do the same thing!

Once I finish with the squeegee I will then go over the furniture with a vacuum.


remove fur from furniture


When it comes to wooden furniture, a microfiber cloth is actually best. Fur will cling to the cloth instead of just being pushed around on the furniture. 


If you have carpet and rugs, you can again use the squeegee and the other techniques to pull up the fur. 

I recommend vacuuming the carpet and rugs first, then going over them with the squeegee. That way the vacuum will grab the top layer and you won’t have as much to pull up with the squeegee. Then vacuum again.

Like I said earlier if you don't have a squeegee you could use rubber gloves. The main problem with a squeegee and rubber gloves is that you have to be down on your hands and knees. Which might not be an issue, and works just fine if you are on a budget. 

But if you can afford it, I have heard amazing things about rubber brooms. I don't have carpet to actually test this out on but I can just imagine how great it would be to use a rubber broom on carpet! 

Before the final vacuum, you can sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet. This will help get rid of any odor. 

When I vacuum my rugs (and back when I had carpet) I would vacuum from all different angles. I don’t if it actually made a difference but each pass through I would vacuum up more and more fur.

For your tile and wood floors, vacuum first to get the larger clumps of fur floating around. Then sweep up everything that was missed by the vacuum. 

When sweeping you could use a normal broom or a microfiber dust mop!

While you are cleaning the floors, be sure to pull all your furniture out so you can get underneath and behind!


Check your vents

Pull off any vent covers you can. Either wipe down the vent cover or soak it, depending on how bad it is.

Then take your vacuum and suck up and fur that is sitting inside the vent. You’ll be amazed at how much fur collects back there!

While you’re at it, you may as well check your air filter too! I try to make it a habit to check mine monthly because of owning a Husky. 


clean fur out of vents



Don't forget your clothes!

I'm sure you know to use lint rollers for a quick fur removal before leaving the house.

But what if you don't have any more sticky stuff left on your lint roller? 

You can simply grab some tape, any kind of tape really! Wrap it around the empty lint roller with the sticky side facing out and stick the ends together to hold it in place. Or you can just do the same but without the lint roller handle. 

When it comes to washing your clothes, throw them in the dryer first before washing. You can set it at low heat or even fluff air. This helps to remove a bunch of the fur before throwing them in wash and getting fur clogging your washing machine. 


Now that you’ve cleaned your home from ceiling to vents, hopefully, you have a little less fur to live in!



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