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How to Give Your Dog a Spa Day

Posted on July 23 2018

How to Give Your Dog a Spa Day


If you treat yourself to a spa day, why wouldn’t you want to treat your dog to one too? 

Although, for most dogs, a spa day doesn’t exactly mean relaxation or tension releasing. Not like it does for us. But there are a few dogs who do enjoy a good brushing, scrub down, and pampering. 

Either way, your fur baby needs to get cleaned from head to toe once in a while. 

It's better for them and for you!

(No one wants to live with a smelly dog.)

I find it easier to do all of this in one day. If I’m going to give Kiara a bath, I may as well do everything else while I’m at it. But if you’re dog has high anxiety when it comes to baths, brushing, nail trimming, etc it is best to do each activity on a different day. You don’t want to overwhelm your fur babe.

Depending on the breed of dog you have, you may have to do each of these activities more or less than other breeds. I would recommend asking your vet how often they suggest you do each activity.

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Brush Your Dog

I always like to start off with brushing Kiara and then I will end up doing it again after her bath too! This way I can get rid of as much loose fur as I can.

If it’s nice enough outside, take your dog out in your yard and give him/her a good brushing. The fur will fly all over your yard and the birds will love it! 

I see birds stealing away Kiara’s fur all the time from our backyard! Then again, there is a lot of fur back there considering I brush her every day. (She’s a husky!)


brush your dog



Next up, Paws

By paws I mean trim the nails and the paw fur. 

If you don’t feel comfortable trimming your dog’s nails, then don’t do it. Take your dog to the vet and have them do it. You don’t want to unintentionally hurt your fur baby.

But if you are going to trim your dog’s nails, don’t forget to have the styptic powder nearby in case you do cut a nail too short. It does happen. 

I like to give Kiara a treat after I finish each paw. She knows it too. After I finish each nail on a foot, she lifts her head up and waits for me to hand her the treat.

Once the nail trimming is done, it’s time to trim the toe fur… I mean paw fur.

In the winter it’s better to leave the paw fur a little longer, it helps to keep their paws warm and protected from the snow. But in the summer, it’s better to have shorter paw fur because dogs actually sweat through their paws.

I keep Kiara laying down and do this the same way as I trim her nails, a treat after each paw. Just plain scissors work well for me. It’s easier to cut through the fur if you use scissors that are a bit more on the sharp side. 

Of course, be careful not to cut any skin!


dog paw care



Bathe Your Dog

Now here comes the fun part! Or not so fun part.

You can either take your dog to a location that offers an area for you to bathe your dog or do it at home. 

I think I have a nice shower set up at home that works easy enough for me there. I have shower doors so I can lock both of us in and a removable shower head to more easily spray Kiara down.

You will, of course, need some doggy shampoo. Please make sure to use dog-safe shampoo!

Assuming you know the gist of giving a dog a bath, I’ll just quickly go over the process. 

First, spray your dog down with room temperature water. Then scrub them with your hands and some doggy shampoo, avoiding eyes, ears, and mouth. Finally, rinse them off completely. 

It’s important to not get water in your dog’s ears and of course, you don’t want soap in their eyes or mouth.

Try to dry your fur babe off as much as you can with a towel or two or three. Then let them free! Most dogs go crazy and run all over the place after a bath! It's pretty entertaining.


bathe your dog



Lastly, Clean Your Dog’s Ears

You don’t want to use q-tips to clean your dog’s ears. This is because you could accidentally damage their eardrums. It’s best to use cotton balls.

If you’re doing this after a bath, I would first stick a cotton ball in Kiara’s ear and rub her ear to soak up any moisture that may have gotten in from the bath. Next, use a couple drops of doggy ear cleaning solution either right in the ear or onto a new cotton ball. Then place the cotton ball in the ear and rub the ear again.

Repeat to the other ear and that’s it!


Kiara isn’t exactly a fan of any of these activities. Especially the paws and ears being cleaned. She hates both being touched. 

Always make sure to praise your dog, constantly use a soft, approving voice, and lots of treats! And if you have any special calming tricks for your dog, definitely use them!

Good luck!



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