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How You Can Help Animals in Need

Posted on July 23 2018

How You Can Help Animals in Need


I have always wished that I could help animals in need but I use to not really know how. I couldn’t exactly afford to donate a large amount of money.

(For some reason, I use to think that if I donated it would have to be a large amount.)

Once I started The Crazy Dog Mom Shop I knew my top goal was to be able to donate a portion of the proceeds to help animals in need. 

I’m not exactly sure why I waited, but I have officially started donating to local shelters quarterly. (Every three months.) 

I guess I thought I needed to get my business bank account close to even before I could start donating some of it. 

Considering you are an animal lover too, I thought you might be interested in learning about different ways you can make a difference in an animals life. 

I have created a list of 11 ways you can help. Some are to help in a big way, others are in a small way. But every little bit helps and makes a difference.

Not only will you be helping animals in need, but you will also be increasing your happiness while doing it! 

Did you now that when people donate money, no matter how much, it lights up the pleasure center of the brain? 

It’s the same part of your brain that lights up when you eat your favorite chocolate! 

(And when you have sex!)

Anyways... let’s get to it!


Volunteer at a local animal shelter

This doesn’t have to be a lot of hours either. It can just be for a couple hours once a week. Or it can be more like a part-time job kind of hours! 

But I do believe some shelters have limitations or set schedules, so you will have to check with the shelter first. 


Donate money

Similarly, this doesn’t have to be a lot. Anything can help make a difference because every little bit adds up.


donate money to animal shelters


Amazon Smile program

If you are like the 75% of American online shoppers, then you shop on Amazon. 

Did you know they have a program that will donate a portion of your purchase total to an organization of your choice? 

It’s called Amazon Smile. 

Every time you make a purchase through Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase total to a charity organization of your choice. Not all purchases are eligible. But you don’t get charged anything extra. 

The trick is, you have to purchase through Amazon Smile, not just Amazon.

You can visit the information page to learn more.

(Currently, I have my organization set to Dane County Humane Society.)


Shop at The Crazy Dog Mom Shop

As I said earlier, I recently started donating a portion of the proceeds I earn from The Shop. When you shop, 10% of your purchase will be donated to a local animal shelter. 


10% of proceeds go to animals in need



This is a big one, and it isn’t for everyone. But animal shelters are constantly needing fosters. 

(It is on my to-do list in the future, once I can afford to have more than one dog!)

It is difficult physically, mentally, and financially, but it is so worth it! You will be helping to save a dog’s life!



There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Host a fundraising event
  • Charity walk
  • Craft night such as: paint your pet, make fleece tie-blankets, etc
  • Simply attend a fundraiser


Donate supplies

There are a few ways you can do this too:

  • Check if you shelter of choice has an Amazon wishlist and purchase from there
  • Call the shelter or check their website to see what they are currently in need of
  • You could even ask friends, family, or co-workers to help you gather supplies for you to deliver
  • Sometimes supplies you have laying around your housework too! Like old towels and blankets, cleaning supplies you aren’t using, etc


donate supplies to shelters


Follow shelters and organizations on social media

You might be wondering how in the world can this help animals in need? 

You can help them get noticed and help spread the word by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts. It’s so simple!


Offer to photograph a shelter's animals

If you have good photography skills and your local shelter doesn’t have the best (or any) photos of their animals, you could offer to take pictures. You would be amazed at the difference a simple, beautiful photo can do compared to one of a sad dog behind bars who is too scared to look at the camera.


Write for a local shelter

Shelters or rescues may not be able to afford to hire anyone to write for them. And they might even be too busy to do it themselves. There are various ways you could offer help, such as:

  • Write email newsletters
  • Create fliers to post around town
  • Write a short and sweet bio about each of the animals
  • Write for their social media pages
  • Write a press release about upcoming events



Last but not least, adopt! This might be the best one! 

Adopting one dog may not change the world, but it changes the world for that dog!


adopt don't shop

This is Bear. My sister and her family found him wandering around and no one to claim him. So they took him in and he instantly became a part of their family.


I truly hope you are able to put one of these into action and help out animals and shelters in need.

Kiara and I are planning on helping out more and possibly creating some events. I will definitely share them with you here on the blog and on Facebook.

I would love to hear what is that you are doing to make a difference! So join the Crazy Dog Mom Club on Facebook and share your story!



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