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Winter Safety Tips for Your Dog

Posted on November 12 2018

Winter Safety Tips for Your Dog


I don't know about where you are but here in Wisconsin, it's getting cold. It has even snowed a few times and of course, we expect lots more. This is only the beginning of our 6 months of Wisconsin Winter.

Honestly, I can't stand the cold months, especially with the shorter days. But Kiara, she LOVES winter! But I suppose that's obvious considering she's a husky.

Not all dogs like winter, especially the small or short furred doggos. But either way, there are some tips you should know to keep your dog safe during Winter.


Bundle Up!

When it's cold outside, you put layers of clothing on to keep warm. Don't think you should do the same to your dog? Just because they have fur doesn't mean it's enough to keep them warm outside in Winter. So put a winter jacket on your dog!

Now, this isn't exactly necessary for dogs with double coats, they were made for the snow! But if you do plan to be outside for a long period of time, then a light doggy jacket is a good idea.


Protect the Paws

Putting booties on your dog during walks in Winter will help keep their paws warm from the snow and cold concrete. Also, it will help protect them from the salt everyone sprinkles on the sidewalks.

Have you thought about the fact that when your dog walks on the salt, it not only absorbs into their paw pads but when you get home and your dog licks their paws they are ingesting the salt? This is very harmful to your dog's health.

If your dog was long paw hairs to keep their toes warm and absolutely hates wearing shoes (like Kiara) then at least make sure to wash your dog's paws when you get home. It doesn't have to be a full-on bath, just a quick dip and rub of the paws.


Skip the Salt

Speaking of salt, don't use it. Don't even use the "pet friendly" salt. When needed use sand instead. It's safer for animals and your sidewalks and driveways.


Watch for Frozen Lakes

Don't let your dog go out on the frozen lakes or ponds. Your dog could easily fall through and no one wants that to happen!


Less Time Outside

Don't leave your dog outside for longer than necessary during the cold months. Just let them out to do their business and bring them back in. You want to avoid frostbite and hypothermia as much as possible! Just keep them inside as much as possible.


Watch Out for the Decor

Most people decorate for the Holidays, and that's great! But keep in mind that your dog may want to investigate these new things and maybe even taste test a few. Try to avoid toxic decor and anything that can easily be torn apart by your dog.

If you must have those things, then put them in a location your dog is not allowed and has absolutely no way of getting to.


Holiday Treats

The Holidays always mean yummy treats, both for humans and dogs. Keep all human treats far out of reach from your dog as possible. And keep dog treats to a minimum, no need to fatten your dog up for the Holidays, you'll just make them sick.


Clean up Antifreeze

Antifreeze is a tempting, sweet treat in a dog's eyes. But it is deadly! Do not leave antifreeze easily accessible to your dog and make sure to clean up any spills.


Stay Hydrated

It's always important to stay hydrated but it can sometimes be more difficult in the dryer months of Winter. Make sure your dog has a full, clean, non-frozen water bowl.


Don't Forget the Pet Tags

You never want your dog to get lost, but you especially don't want them lost in winter. Make sure your dog is micro-chipped and has updated ID tags.


There are some dogs who are more susceptible to hypothermia. Dogs who are seniors, smaller dogs, short hair dogs, young puppies, and dogs who are sick can't handle being out in the cold for long. Make sure to keep them inside except for very short potty breaks.

If you are concerned about your dog and winter, talk to your vet for more winter safety tips. They know your dog and will be able to help you even more!




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