Brand Reps FAQ

Brand Rep FAQ

How do I become a brand rep for The Crazy Dog Mom?

Head on over to the brand rep page and fill out the application.


Who can apply to be a brand rep?

Any crazy dog mom (or dad) can apply to become a brand rep for TCDM as long as you:

  • Are 18 years of age or older

  • Have an active, public Instagram account

  • Already loves and engages with TCDM

  • We prefer you have already purchased from TCDM before applying - if you haven't purchased yet but are interested in applying please send me an email at for a discount code for your first purchase


Do I need to have a lot of followers?

No. The number of followers you have doesn't matter. What matters to me is engagement.


What do TCDM brand reps get?
  • Access to the Brand Rep group chat

  • 10% coupon code to share with your friends, family, and followers

  • 15% coupon code for yourself to shop new releases before the general public

  • Your pictures will be used on the website, social media channels, ads, etc

  • After your 1st sale, we'll send you the paw print wish bracelet plus code cards to hand out to everyone you know

  • After your 3rd sale, we'll send you a bag of Excite Bite dog treats

  • After your 5th sale, we'll send you a special TCDM logo staff tee

  • After your 15th sale, we'll send you a tote bag of your choice and two bags of Excite Bite dog treats

  • The top referer of each quarter will win prizes


What happens after I apply?

I will get in touch with you within 1-2 business days after I receive your application and let you know if your application has been accepted.


What is required of me? 
  • Engage with @thecrazydogmomshop on Instagram

  • Share your follower code in your bio or highlights

  • Post once a month about our products with your code

  • Share about our products in your stories with your code once a month


Is there any reason you would disable my codes?

The Crazy Dog Mom reserves the right to disable any brand rep coupon codes at any time for any reason. BUT, I will always contact you first.


What if I decide I don't want to be a brand rep for TCDM anymore?

Please send an email to or send a message on Instagram at any time if you decide you no longer want to be a brand rep for The Crazy Dog Mom.