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our mission to save dogs

Our mission is to save dogs in need.

10% of the profit of every purchase made at The Crazy Dog Mom Shop gets donated to local non-profit animal shelters. These donations help to pay for food, medical visits, medication, and so much more for so many dogs!

At no fault of their own, dogs are being abandoned by the people they thought were part of their pack. The only people they could count on broke their hearts (and for some, bones).

Dogs are the only creatures who love you more than they love themselves. So let's give back to these dogs, and help them when they need it most. Not only can you spoil yourself and your fur baby by buying products from the shop, you can help save dogs. You will sport clothing and accessories for a good cause and help to spread the word, creating a big impact on these dogs, shelters, and even the world.

You don't have to do anything extra and it doesn't cost you anything extra! Simply make your purchase and we will take care of the rest!
Buy a shirt, save a dog!

let's make a difference by saving dogs around the world