3 Easy Exercises for Senior Dogs

When your dog starts getting older it’s important to work on their mobility and flexibility.⁠

The less muscles are worked the more likely they are to tighten up and not function as well, especially with age.⁠

Doing exercises with your aging dog can help make it so it continues to be easy for them to get up from laying down, to walk up and down stairs, jump up onto your bed, etc.⁠

There are a couple of exercises I’ve seen recommended for this.⁠

3 Easy Exercises for Senior Dogs

The first is kinda like burpees for dogs. When they’re standing, ask them to sit, then lay down, then stand, and back to sit and so on.⁠

Continue this cycle for a couple of reps. Start slow.⁠

The second exercise is to have your dog stand in front of you so one of their sides is facing your legs. ⁠

Put one hand on the outside of your dog’s hip and one on the shoulder.⁠

Help guide them to do side steps.⁠

Walk a couple of steps like this and then walk backwards to work the other side.⁠

I used to do these with Kiara. She hated the side step exercise but we were able to get through a few steps on each side.⁠

Also, just continuing to walk your dog daily helps. As they age the walks may become shorter but as long as you still get out there it’s better than nothing. ⁠

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