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Where Dogs Are Family

Not all women can/want to have kids. And they all have their own reasons. So let’s just let them call themselves dog moms, because they are moms.

We feed our dogs. We bathe them. We take them to the vet when they’re sick. We protect them from danger and comfort them when they’re scared. We buy them treats and toys to see them happy. We include them in family pictures and take them on vacations. We hug and kiss them. And we love them with our whole heart.

At The Crazy Dog Mom we're passionate about creating a community of dedicated dog moms who want to enhance their dog's lives naturally. That's why we crafted our line of minimal ingredient dog treats, made only with beneficial ingredients.

We want to help you help your dog not just survive, but thrive. We want to add years to their life and life to their years. This is what drives us.

In 2020 I started my very own dog treat line called Excite Bites for this very reason.

My previous dog Kiara (see below) was the one who really inspired the whole crazy dog mom part of the business and what led me to learning all I could about how to give her the best life.

And when she suddenly died at only 9 years old because of her spleen and liver being covered in masses that were bleeding out, it drove me to take a natural approach to life more seriously.

So when I got my next two dogs (see below) I knew right away I needed to give them everything I could but was struggling to find minimal ingredient treats that actually benefited them.

That’s when I started making Excite Bites and turned the focus of the business to more natural products.

The Crazy Dog Mom is a healthy lifestyle boutique for pups and their people.



Meet The Crazy Dog Mom

The Crazy Dog Mom

My name is Amanda and I am the owner of The Crazy Dog Mom in Stoughton, WI. This here with me is Kiara. She is the one who made me a crazy dog mom and inspired me to start this business.

No amount of words can describe what she means to me, but she is now gone, waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

When she passed I thought about closing this shop, thinking "what's the point, everything was for her?" But then I realized I need to continue doing what I do best, be a dog mom. You see, some girls were born to be doctors, dancers, or stay at home mothers. But I was born to be a crazy dog mom.

Now I have two baby boys, Koa and Ryuk.

Sam, Amanda, Ryuk, and Koa

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram @thecrazydogmomshop