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Where Dogs Are Family

Do you think of your dog as your kid? And have to repeatedly explain to your family that you aren't having kids because your dog is your kid? Do you spend more money on your dog than you do on yourself?

If you answered yes then I'm proud to say you are a crazy dog mom!

As a crazy dog mom myself, I understand the deep love and connection you feel for your fur babe. And I want to help you share that with the world with high quality, handcrafted, super cute apparel and accessories made specifically for crazy dog moms like us.

You're not just buying your new favorite shirt, you're helping to save dogs less fortunate because I donate a portion of every purchase to local animal shelters.

Buy a shirt, save a dog!

Meet The Crazy Dog Mom

The Crazy Dog Mom

My name is Amanda and I am the owner of The Crazy Dog Mom in Stoughton, WI. This here with me is Kiara. She is the one who made me a crazy dog mom and inspired me to start this business.

No amount of words can describe what she means to me, but she is now gone, waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

When she passed I thought about closing this shop, thinking "what's the point, everything was for her?" But then I realized I need to continue doing what I do best, be a dog mom. You see, some girls were born to be doctors, dancers, or stay at home mothers. But I was born to be a crazy dog mom.

Now I have two baby boys, Koa and Ryuk.

Sam, Amanda, Ryuk, and Koa

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram @thecrazydogmomshop