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Musher's Secret Balm


Skin Therapy Balm


TICKCHECK Tick Removal Card - the only wallet-sized tick remover
TICKCHECK Tick Remover Card


Healthy Paws Balm 2oz and 3oz containers
paw balm made with lavender essential oil

From $14.99

Isolated TICKCHECK Tick Removal Kit - Safely Remove Embedded Ticks From People & Pets -Two Stainless Steel Tick Remover Tools - For Large & Small Ticks -Includes Carrying Pouch, Tick ID Card & Tick Testing Info
TICKCHECK Tick Removal KIt includes a reference card and two stainless steel tick remover tools


Tail Waggers Dog Shampoo


Sweet Dog Soap


So Fresh Odor Eliminating Dog Spray


Six different colored bambook toothbrushes with a wooden background


Two Cordoba Farms tooth powder jars and a bamboo dog toothbrush with green bristles
Cordoba Farms Dental Dog mint tooth powder lid and jar. The jar is open and showing its contents which is a light green powder. There is also a bamboo toothbrush with green bristles resting near the jar.


vegan friendly, small batch soap bar for dogs made with coconut and activated charcoal


Lemongrass Flea & Tick Spray


The Original TiCK MiTT - Your first line of tick defense


Dual-sided bamboo brush on an isolated background
Dual-sided bamboo brush size chart


Wrinkle Relief Balm