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Turkey Pumpkin Excite Bites packaging
Turkey Pumpkin Bites in a white bowl


Excite Bites sample pack - try a variety of flavors
Dog Treat Sampler Pack


Beef Liver Excite Bites packaging
lifestyle shot of beef liver bites on a table setting


Salmon Jerky Excite Bites packaging
Salmon Jerky on a white dinner plate


close up of funny dog mom shirt says my dog and I talk shit about you
my dog and I talk shit about you t-shirt

From $28.99

Isolated six-inch bully stick
6" bully stick, tough chew for dogs displayed in a row isolated

From $7.99

Turkey Turmeric Excite Bites packaging
Turkey Turmeric Bites in a glass mason jar


Isolated Tripe Twist
Bundle of Tripe Twists


Isolated beef tendon
Isolated beef tendons


Not to brag but I'm kinda a big deal to my dog t-shirt
Not to brag but I'm kinda a big deal to my dog t-shirt

From $28.99

dog mom in all caps in a rectangle on a grey hooded sweatshirt
dog mom boxed hoodie sweatshirt

From $47.99

hold my drink I gotta pet this dog can cozie


beaver dog toy for super chewers
backside of the beaver dog toy showcasing fur and a hard plastic waffle-pattern beaver tail


brown and white cow dog toy
Two Bumpie Brown Cow Dog Toys laying on their stomachs. One Bumpie Brown Cow on the left is the small version of the dog toy. The Bumpie Brown Cow on the right is the standard version of the dog toy.

From $14.99

Yellow Pupsicle Treat Tray
Yellow Pupsicle Treat Tray being washed

From $13.99

Sid the Squid


The Pupsicle
The Pupsicle
$27.99 From $22.99
My Cat and I Talk Shit About You t-shirt
unisex t-shirt sizing chart. Extra Small chest width is 16.5" and body length is 27". Small chest width is 18" and body length is 28". Medium chest width is 20" and body length is 29". Large chest width is 22" and body length is 30". Extra Large chest width is 24" and body length is 31". 2XL chest width is 26" and body length is 32". 3XL chest width is 28" and body length is 33". 4XL chest width is 30" and body length is 34"

From $28.99

Power Chewer Pupsicle
Close-up of the Power Chewer Pupsicle filled with a treat

From $27.99

Beef Liver and Turkey Pumpkin excite bites treats in front of a white brick background
Best Seller Treat Bundle