Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Spleen

Would you ever consider feeding your dog spleen?

I know a lot of people's first reaction when they hear the word spleen is a reaction of disgust.

But beef spleen is a great organ to feed your dog, especially puppies.⁠

Spleen contains vitamins A, D, K, and E as well as iron and zinc.⁠

Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that supports digestion and reproductive organs.⁠

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for immune function. It helps protect against cancers, autoimmune and infectious diseases.⁠

Iron helps with brain function, regulating body temperature, and transporting oxygen to the blood cells. This helps your dog’s endurance and strength. ⁠

Puppies need twice the amount of iron as an adult dog and spleen is the organ containing the most iron.⁠

An easy way to add spleen into your dog's diet is with our Beef Spleen Excite Bites dog treats!

Beef spleen is the perfect nutritional snack for growing puppies! This jerky-like treat can be broken up into small pieces to use during training sessions, added on top of meals, or just a mid-day snack!

As always, all of our treats are made without preservatives or other additives. They are a single ingredient treat that actually benefits your dog.

single ingredient beef spleen excite bites dog treats



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