Why and How to Add Pumpkin to Your Dog's Diet

Did you know pumpkin is safe for dogs? It's actually considered a superfood because it's so nutrient packed.

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Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkin contains vitamins A, C, and E as well as iron and potassium.

Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that supports the immune digestion and reproductive organs.⁠

Vitamin C helps to support the immune system.

Iron is important for brain function. It transports oxygen to the blood cells. This increases your dog’s endurance and strength. Lack of iron depletes antibodies and T-cells in the immune system.⁠

Because of its high soluble fiber content, it's a great option for dogs that often get upset tummies because it helps with constipation and diarrhea by supporting digestion.

Pumpkin also contains prebiotics which are important for your dog's good gut bacteria in their digestive tract.

How to Add Pumpkin to Your Dog's Diet

You can feed it to your dog lightly cooked or puréed pumpkin from a can as long as it’s 100% pumpkin or with our Turkey Pumpkin Excite Bites.

These treats are slightly larger than the average size of kibble and make great training treats or treats for smaller dogs that prefer small pieces.

Our Turkey Pumpkin bites are a simple way for your dog to enjoy pumpkin in a way that's appropriate for them It's light, crunchy, and very tasty.

As always, all of our treats are made without preservatives or other additives. They are only two ingredients that actually benefit your dog.

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Information source: Pets WebMD