Can You Give Dogs Raspberries?

Red Raspberries for Dogs

Raspberries are safe to feed to dogs.

They are lower in sugar and calories and are also a great source of dietary fiber, which helps improve a dog’s digestive system.

Another reason to love raspberries is for their powerful antioxidants that can reduce the possibility of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

Raspberries contain minerals such as potassium, manganese, copper, folic acid, iron, and magnesium.

As well as vitamins C, K, and B-complex.

Vitamin C helps to support the immune system.

B vitamins support mental and nerve health. They also help avoid fatigue and prevent anemia.⁠

Iron is important for brain function. It transports oxygen to the blood cells. This increases your dog’s endurance and strength. Lack of iron depletes antibodies and T-cells in the immune system.⁠

The potassium in bananas can help to reduce calcium loss from bones while magnesium helps to promote healthy bone growth. The two of these together is what gives bananas the ability to increase bone strength.

Magnesium plays a major role in muscle maintenance and help to strengthen your dog's muscles.

How to Feed Your Dog Raspberries

Berries can be fed as a little treat as is or as a food topper. 

Another option is to puree them to make them like a sauce or smoothie.

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