Don't Do This Top Training Mistake

Are you making this training mistake?

Did you know when asking your dog to do something, you’re not suppose to repeat it?⁠

This is probably the most common mistake people make when training their dog.

Repeating a command actually teaches your dog that they don’t have to listen the first time you ask.⁠

Instead, give your command once and wait. ⁠

Sometimes your dog needs to process what was just said and sometimes they just need finish up what they were doing.⁠

If your dog still doesn’t perform the command after waiting a minute or two, take a couple of steps forward or change your position then give your command again.⁠

If you’re just teaching your dog the command, you may need to remind them what it means. ⁠But make sure it is something they do understand before expecting them to just know what it means.

I've heard that repeating yourself over and over makes you sound like a dog that doesn’t stop barking which shows your dog that you aren’t alpha because alphas are generally quiet.⁠


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