8 Durable Dog Toys for Tough Chewers

Some dogs are just born tough chewers. Unfortunately for them, that usually means they don’t get many toys, or if they do they don’t last long. These dogs deserve to have fun too, they just need some heavy-duty toys.

I understand your frustration with giving your dog a new toy that you think will survive your dog’s jaws only to find it torn to pieces soon after. Even worse, there’s always the concern that your dog could harm themselves with the small torn up pieces of a toy. Whether it be a string getting caught or tied up in their insides, or a piece of rubber getting lodged in the back of their throat.

You need toys that you know are safe for your dog and will actually keep him occupied. But how do you know which ones are right?

Through some trial and error, I have created a list of toys that have lasted Ryuk's sharp teeth. 

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toys for tough chewers

Now keep in mind that no toy is truly indestructible. Your dog should only play with toys under your supervision so that you can step in when needed.

I know it sounds kinda silly that your dog can't have toys when you're gone, because what else is supposed to keep your dog occupied while you're away?

Just use your best judgment when it comes to deciding which toy your dog can have unsupervised. Make sure it's one you know your dog won't destroy to pieces. 

But do know, all dog toy companies advise you to supervise your dog during playtime. This is to protect the company against any liability if something were to happen to your dog when playing with a toy.

Toys for Tough Chewers:

West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl dog toy

So far our favorite brands have been anything by West Paw and the extreme toys from Kong.

A big thing that I look for in a dog toy, besides durability is if I can stuff treats inside it. Especially with having puppies, these kinds of toys are serious lifesavers.

Not only do those kinds of toys keep your dog occupied longer but they also help to stimulate your dog's mind which can help tire them out.

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Another important factor to look for when shopping for dog toys is if it's made in the US. Toys made in other countries can often be made with materials that are harmful to dogs. 

When ordering toys on Amazon it's not always easy to see where the toy is being shipped from, so you can always submit a question on that listing. 

I know I'm guilty of sometimes getting too excited about trying out a new toy that I forget to check this. But ever since I ordered a toy and it smelling like chemicals, I'm much better at remembering now.

Have you found other toys that withstand your dog's jaws of death? Leave a comment below so I can add them to the list!

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