How to Keep Your Dog Excited About Walks

Why you shouldn't walk your dog the same route everyday

Did you know you should switch up your walking route with your dog?⁠

Walking your dog the same route every single day, or even multiple times per week, can get really boring for your dog.⁠

Think about yourself. If you’ve been walking this same route every day, are you truly there in the moment or are you just on auto pilot?⁠

Dogs can quickly pick up on a habit. So when you're walking the same route every day they will easily know which way to take and it just becomes a habit instead of an adventure.⁠

Plus, your dog doesn’t want to have to see the same bush, sniff the same tree, and pee on the same fire hydrant.⁠ That's all old news.

When you switch up your walking route it keeps your dog guessing. It also gives them new trees to sniff, bushes to see, and fire hydrants to pee on.⁠

And this will allow your dog to work their brain more which helps to tire them out in a different way than just the physical exercise.⁠

It’s better to have a dog that’s mentally and physically tired after a walk.⁠

It doesn’t have to be a crazy different walk. Even if you take the same route but backwards once in a while it will help. ⁠

Different walking routes are better for both you and your dog.⁠

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