How to Know When to Let Your Dog Go

This is a tough topic. Something we don’t ever want to think about but I think this is important to know for when the time does come.⁠

How do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to your dog?⁠

Our dogs can’t tell us when they’re ready. And we hate having to make that decision for them because what if they aren’t ready? ⁠

Besides, we're never ready so it makes it even more difficult.

I recently heard this and I thought it was such a great way to determine when your dog is ready and I wanted to share it.

You can either do this now while your dog is happy and healthy or save it for the day when things are getting more difficult.

Make a list of 5 things your dog loves to do (or did love to do if they’re already losing interest in things).⁠

These should be things that light your dog up. Maybe it's saying their word "walk" or going to the dog park or when you open the cheese drawer.

Once they don’t want to or don’t care to do 3 of those 5 things, it’s probably time to say goodbye.⁠

For Koa that would be going to the dog park, hearing the food bowls, hearing a string cheese being opened, just food in general, and a stuffed toy that squeaks.⁠

For Ryuk that would be the sight of a sock, hearing the food bowls, a ball, and when my boyfriend Sam comes home.

Of course, this can vary for each situation and dog. So do your best judgement.

I just like the idea of having this as a baseline to go off of.

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