July's The Crazy Dog Mom of the Month: Kelly and Finley

Your name: Kelly Kobriger (husband is Jared Kobriger, dog dad)

Dog's name: Finley Kobriger, formerly Rusty (name with rescue)

Instagram: @finleysfavoritethings

Where do you live: Dousman, Wisconsin

Tell us about your dog: Finley was found as a stray in Alabama. He was dirty and matted when they found him, but he was very friendly with people.

The rescue thought for sure someone would be looking for him, but sadly no one ever came for him. He was not wearing a collar and was found in a rural area. The rescue then transported Finley (long car ride!) up to Wisconsin to hopefully find his home there.

Tell us a little about you: I’m 27, I graduated from UW Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business. I studied management, human resources, with an emphasis on health care management. I currently work for a home health care company as the human resources director.

I’ve always been a dog lover. My best friend and I used to go to the terrace in Madison and just wait for people to walk by with their dogs so we could pet them! We would do this multiple times/week.

It certainly was fulfilling, but I wanted a dog of my own so badly. I wanted to wait until my now husband Jared and I had a place of our own. (College would not be ideal to have a dog).

finley's favorite things crazy dog mom and dad

What are your dog’s favorite things (toys, treats, etc): This question is great! It’s the exact reason behind Finley’s Instagram actually, I wanted to start a platform to talk about his favorite things!

Finley’s favorite thing ever is a tennis ball (orange chuck-it ball to be specific), he will play fetch all day! He also will not get tired and can go all day; he will usually just feel the aftermath the next day.

When we first got Finley he was very afraid of dogs and after several months of trying, we were able to figure out that he was comfortable in all situations as long as he had a tennis ball with him! He used to panic around other dogs, but now he is just happy to play.

He loves all treats, and we’re lucky he’s not too picky. He will pretty much eat whatever haha! However, if he was given the choice between eating and playing fetch, he picks fetch every time! What dog chooses a tennis ball over a steak!? Ours does.

Why do you think of yourself as a dog mom: I think I go above and beyond with making sure he’s fed the best food, gets enough exercise, and also that we include him on activities! It would be easy to leave him home when we go on trips but I’d much rather him be with us!

I also spend way more on treats and toys than necessary, but I can see it brings him joy to get a new toy. We recently signed up for the BarkBox subscription.

Also Finley was the signature cocktail at our wedding, The Finley Old Fashion. :)

What was the moment you knew you weren’t just a dog owner but a dog mom: I think just rescue in general, this dog had no one, no family to love him, he was living on the street. He is a very beautiful dog but high energy, and many people wouldn’t have the time to give him the exercise he needs.

I also clearly remember the day leaving the rescue and Finley jumped in our Jeep and I knew he was going to be our baby now. We took him to Petco right after so we could be sure to stock up on everything we need, and then the three of us went home. He needed someone to love him and support him and help him grow into the dog he was meant to be!

What is your favorite part of being a dog mom: The morning snuggles and seeing that tail waggin' smile!

finley the rescue mixed breed dog the crazy dog mom Kelly

What is your best dog mom advice: Ask questions!! If your dog is going through something, odds are there is another person who dealt with the same issue. Especially behavioral issues.

I was saddened to learn Finley had leash reactivity, mostly because of his history and we don’t really know what he went through but we did bring a trainer into our home to go over his behaviors.

He was bit by a dog in rescue. We wanted nothing more than to help him with his confidence. The trainer explained his reactions were actually a result of fear and we were able to learn ways to comfort him so he can walk on a leash.

What is your best dog mom hack: Microfiber rugs right by each door in the house! We’ve trained Finn that when he comes inside, all he has to do is sit on the rug once (all four paws), and he gets a treat, then he’s free to jump on the couch without tracking in dirt.

But, my two favorite purchases, 1. Our Lovesac couch, the covers are washable, there is a fabric that works better for pets, and I purposely went with a lighter fabric so there would be good contrast when taking photos of Finley (true story haha!) 2. Our Ruggable rug! Another item that is washable and I’m looking into purchasing another!

What is your favorite thing to do with your dog: I love taking Finley anywhere he can play fetch and swim at the same time. It truly is his favorite. We would love to get him to a real ocean beach some day.

What is one dog mom goal you have: To get Finley to the beach!! (p.s. I told my husband this was my answer and he said oh! that’s a good goal!)

Fun fact about your dog: Finley is a mix, but we did the Wisdom panel and found he is Golden Retriever, Sheltie, Boxer, and Chow mix! Some breeds were unknown and he has double dew claws so that will forever be a mystery trait of his!


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