March's The Crazy Dog Mom of the Month: Ashley with Bear and Ruby

Your name: Ashley 

Dog's name: Bear and Ruby

Instagram: @thehuskymama

Where do you live: Upper left US-- Washington State near Seattle!

Tell us about your dog's: I've got two rambunctious huskies who love running, cuddles and kisses. And also food...lots of it. Bear is originally from Missouri and I took a road trip over to get him when I was living in Colorado. He spent his first six months living in a fifth wheel and travelling to a new city every few days. Ruby, on the other hand, is from Washington state and unfortunately fractured her pelvis at sixth months. When I was parking at the dog park, she wriggled her way out the window and fell funny. But, the next day she had surgery (FHO, for those interested) and after a few months of hydrotherapy, she is walking using all four feet and is living her best life. One leg is shorter than the other now, but she's a happy, healthy pup. 

husky mom 

Tell us a little about you: I'm a middle school math teacher and am currently going back to school to get my Master's as I want to teach collegiately eventually. I went to college in Colorado and then decided I wanted to move closer to the ocean and landed a little north of Seattle, Washington. Now, I am an avid adventurer with my pups and fiance. We love to hike and explore new places. I'm starting to practice a bit of freelance photography and spend many mornings and evenings watching the sunrise and sunset, respectively. I am also pursing more travelling and collaboration creatively. 

What are your dog’s favorite things (toys, treats, etc): Ruby loves anything that moves or makes noise. Squeaky toys, crinkly bags, moles in the ground. She is a mongrel and will find and disembowel things in the yard. Bear, on the other hand, is a bit more spoiled and he likes his bones and chews. He is not as respondent to random toys, but he likes to play fetch with me a lot. He likes his glow in the dark squeaky ball best.

Why do you think of yourself as a dog mom: My dogs are my kids; they go with me when they can and they run my life-- I love them more than I can express. I feed them before myself and they likely eat better than I. 

What was the moment you knew you weren’t just a dog owner but a dog mom: When I got Bear and the seven hour trip home turned into our first cuddle session. He lied on me the whole way home and I knew he was more than a pet, more than my companion. He has become one of the most important things in my life and when Ruby came into the picture, they became inseparable which showed me how I don't own them. I help them be their best dogs and love watching them enjoy their lives. I want nothing more than for my family to be happy and content. 


dog mom Siberian husky dog mom

What is your favorite part of being a dog mom: My dogs. They love me unconditionally and I, them. My father told me a metaphor growing up: if you put your wife and your dog in the trunk, who will be happy to see you? Still resonates with me.

What is your best dog mom advice: Put peanut butter on the bathtub walls during shower/bath time to distract your dogs and to stop them from wiggling. Also, let your dogs have freedom-- they won't have the same respect for you if they don't get to enjoy themselves. If you give your dog independence, they won't feel a desire to run out the door when you open it to get away, because they know that they will have freedom and fun WITH you. 

What is your best dog mom hack: Having two dogs, a double leash system is necessary. I also have a double leash system that attaches at my waist too. Life changer! Thanks Amazon!

What is your favorite thing to do with your dogs: Long walks on the beach or sharing an ice cream on a hot day. I also love taking Bear on long board rides or them both up to logging roads to hike and run. Just getting outside with them.. anything that allows for that!

hiking with dogs

What is one dog mom goal you have: I want them to be more attentive to me. They are sometimes to smart for their own good-- I want them to do what I ask before they have a chance to think about what they want. 

Fun fact about your dogs: They are basically husband and wife. They sleep on top of one another, they are each other's shadow and they even kill together. Their last kill was a giant squirrel. 


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