how to prepare your dog for the fireworks

Tips to Make Your Dog More Comfortable During Fireworks

For the majority of dogs, fireworks are very scary. And we really can't blame them for their fear.

Loud noises coming from the sky. Sometimes so loud it shakes the house. Your dog can feel it. And the bright lights flash like warning signs. To your dog, they think they're under attack or the world is ending.

There's nothing worse than witnessing your dog be traumatized. And not knowing what to do about it only makes you feel worse.

It takes some prep work, but you can help your dog to feel more comfortable during fireworks. They'll still be scared, but hopefully, it won't be as traumatizing for them.

If you can't be with your dog during fireworks, try to have someone else stay with them to comfort them so they know they aren't alone or at the very least watch them to make sure they don't hurt themselves.

*Please note: I am not a veterinarian or an expert. I am sharing from my personal experiences and from what I have learned through reading and hearing others experiences.


calm dog laying in blanket for comfort

How to Prepare Your Dog for Fireworks

First, I would recommend getting CBD oil or CBD treats for your dog.

It's important that you slowly start giving this to your dog a couple of days before the big firework show. We want it to build up in their system so that it works the best for them.

About 2 days before fireworks start in your area, give your dog the lowest recommended dose of CBD for your dog's weight once in the morning and again in the evening. The recommended dose should be on the package of your dog's CBD.

It's best to give your dog CBD during a quiet time of day. If you give them CBD and then get them all excited or anxious, their body will metabolize the CBD right away which won't allow it to have any effect on your dog.

Repeat on the following day and the morning of the big firework show. Watch your dog during these couple of days to see how the CBD is effecting them.

If you can noticeably see your dog calm after their dose, then you know it's a good amount for them. We will call these dogs group one for the sake of this post.

If you don't see any difference then you know you can increase the dose. We will call these dogs group 2.

Don't make this decision after the first or even second dose. You want it to build up in their system before deciding.

About an hour before the big firework show starts, give your dog another dose but increase it. If your dog is in group 1, increase their dose a small amount. If your dog is in group 2, increase their dose to the higher end of the recommended dosing range for their weight.

This is when it's most important for your dog to be in a very calm and quiet environment so their body won't burn off the CBD immediately. 

We carry CBD oil and treats in store at The Crazy Dog Mom but don't have them available online. You can send us an email if you would like to learn more about what we have available.


What to do During Fireworks

Here are a few more tips for you to prepare before the fireworks that way you can help your dog feel more calm during fireworks.


• Prepare a space for your dog to hang out during the fireworks. Preferably a space that is away from windows so the fireworks won't be as loud. 

Grab a sound machine, box fan, or even a radio to help drown out the loud booms. 

Bring your dog's bed and favorite blankets and make a comfy spot for them to lay. If you can't be with your dog, add in some clothing items or bed sheets so your dog has your scent with them.

Use a diffuser to diffuse lavender essential oil to help bring a sense of calm to the air.


• If your dog loves food, prepare some treat filled toys, lick mats, and snuffle toys for them. Freeze them so they take a little bit longer for your dog to work through. 

Some dogs won't want anything to do with food if they are too afraid or nervous. That's completely fine but it's worth it to try and offer it to them. 

Check out our collection of dog enrichment toys to keep your dog occupied


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snail snuffle toy
honeycomb lick mat
Puzzle n' Play Mushroom Snail Snuffle Toy Honeycomb Lick Mat


• Take your dog to the safe space before the fireworks start. You could do this an hour beforehand, give them their final dose of CBD and just hang out here together.

This will allow your dog more time to adjust to the space if it's not somewhere you typically hang out together. 

Give your dog treat filled toys before the fireworks start so they are already occupied and invested in getting to the food before they're too scared.


• Some dogs do well with thunder jackets or wraps. This is something you can test with your dog beforehand to see if it seems to calm them. Your dog will need to get used to wearing it before it helps to calm them.


These treats are perfect for hiding in snuffle toys or topping lick mats with.

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dog treat sample pack
turkey pumpkin
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