Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Your Dog

Let's be honest here, your real Valentine is your dog.

And now that we got that out of the way, do you know what you're getting your dog for Valentine's Day?

Check this list for some great ideas!

*updated: January 2022


Valentine's Day Gift Guide

valentine's day gift box with a dog bandana, matching accessory, and heart shaped dog treats

Valentine's Day Gift Box

This Valentine's Day gift box is the perfect gift to get your dog loving Valentine this year. 

You don't have to stress about what all you need to get because it's already all put together for you in this gift box!

Or maybe you want to treat yourself this holiday. No matter what, it's a win win.

Included in the box is:

  • 1 surprise Valentine themed dog bandana
  • 1 matching accessory
  • 1 bag of heart shaped Festive Turkey Snacks


spread love like dog hair dog mom shirt for valentines day 

Spread Love Like Dog Hair T-Shirt

During these times we should be focusing more on love than hate. So spread love life dog hair!

This tee is super soft and comfortable with a relaxed fit, making it easily your new favorite tee.


heart shaped single ingredient dog treats for valentine's day

Festive Turkey Snacks

A tasty and healthy way for your dog to celebrate the holidays is with our Festive Turkey Snacks!

These 2-3" treats are kinda like cookies except made only with turkey. 

As always, all of our treats are made without preservatives or other additives. They are only two ingredients that actually benefit your dog.


pink plaid dog bandana for valentine's day with a matching scrunchie

Pink Plaid Dog Bandana

This pink plaid dog bandana is perfect for Valentine's Day or just any time of the year if you love pink! And to make it even better you can get a matching scrunchie for yourself!


plaid valentine dog bandana

Valentine Plaid Dog Bandana

This Valentine's Day themed plaid dog bandana will look great on any dog this Valentine's Day!


red valentine hearts dog bandana

Valentine Hearts Dog Bandana

This Valentine hearts dog bandana is exactly what your dog needs this Valentine's Day! And to make it even better you can get a matching scrunchie for yourself so you can be the best valentines!