Tricks to Get Your Dog to Come When They Won't Listen

Tricks to Get Your Dog to Come When They Won't Listen

Chances are, you've been in the position of calling for your dog to come to you and they do the exact opposite. Whether you're at the dog park or your dog accidentally slipped out the front door and is running free.

We've all been there. And we can't always expect our recall command to work 100%. Of course it would be nice, but it's not reality for most of us.

You should definitely continue working on recall with your dog. But sometimes we get in a situation where your recall command isn't working but you need your dog to come to you.

Here are a few tips of what to do the next time you find yourself in this situation.


What not to do when your dog doesn't come when called

If you want your dog to come to you but they aren’t listening to their recall command, do not chase them.⁠

This will turn it into a game for your dog. Catch me if you can.⁠

Also, don’t yell at them. I wouldn’t want to go to someone who is yelling at me, why should a dog want to?⁠

I see these things happening at dog parks way too often.


What to do when your dog doesn't come when called⁠

Instead, try these tactics:⁠

• Sit down on the ground, get them to look at you and give your recall command again in an excited voice while patting your legs or the ground⁠

• Sit down on the ground but face the opposite direction of your dog⁠, essentially ignoring them. This tactic will take some time because you want them to realize that you're not coming for them and you want them to wonder why not and what you're doing instead

• Lay down on the ground and act hurt⁠

• Run in the opposite direction⁠ excitedly

• Pretend you’re leaving them⁠

• And of course the classic for food motivated dogs, shake a bag of treats

You may feel silly doing some of these but trust me, they work! Maybe not all of them every single time, but switch it up and you'll find that they will work. Also, have patience.⁠


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