why you shouldn't leave your dog's collar on

Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Dog's Collar On

Did you know you should take your dog’s collar off when you leave them, especially if you leave them in a crate?⁠

The collar can easily get caught in the crate. This causes the dog to panic and start twisting to try to break free which then can lead to strangulation.⁠

It’s rare, but it happens.⁠

This almost happened to Ryuk when he was a puppy but thankfully I was right there and saw it right away.⁠

Even if you don’t leave your dog in a crate you should still remove their collar before you leave or when you're leaving your dog unattended.⁠ Basically, don't leave your dog's collar on inside your home or while left unattended in any situation.

There are still things for their collar to get stuck on or if you have two dogs a collar could get stuck in the other dog’s mouth.⁠

I read a story about that happening to someone's dog. This person said she found her one dog was stuck on her other dog's collar because it somehow got twisted around its jaw. 

Luckily she was home and checked on them at just the right time.

I know it’s easy to think “yeah but that hasn’t happened yet and it won’t happen to my dog”.⁠

I’ve read too many horror stories of this happening.⁠

Please don’t make this mistake.⁠

Just take your dog’s collar off.

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