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Burnt orange fall favorites Autumn crewneck that reads "pumpkin spice sweater weather dog snuggles"
unisex sweatshirt sizing chart. X-Small chest width is 18", body and sleeve length is 25.5". Small chest width is 19.5", body and sleeve length is 26.5". Medium chest width is 21", body and sleeve length are 27.5". Large chest width is 23", body and sleeve length is 28.5". X-Large chest width is 25", body and sleeve length is 29.5". 2XL chest width is 27", body length is 30.5", and sleeve length is 30". 3XL chest width is 29.5", body length is 32" and sleeve length is 30.5"
$47.99 From $24.00
Teal Puffy Dog Vest
Under side of a teal Puffy dog vest
$27.99 From $13.99
Corgi modeling a Plaid Dog Blanket Coat
Plaid dog Blanket Coat size chart
$47.99 From $23.99
A green t-shirt that says "ALL I NEED IS FOOTBALL AND MY DOG" in white bold lettering.
unisex t-shirt sizing chart. Extra Small chest width is 16.5" and body length is 27". Small chest width is 18" and body length is 28". Medium chest width is 20" and body length is 29". Large chest width is 22" and body length is 30". Extra Large chest width is 24" and body length is 31". 2XL chest width is 26" and body length is 32". 3XL chest width is 28" and body length is 33". 4XL chest width is 30" and body length is 34"
$28.99 From $14.49
Vinyl sticker of an orange cat in a Halloween ghost costume with a jackolantern candy bucket.
$3.50 $1.75
Sweet Dog Soap


fuzzy checkered black and white dog vest
small dog modeling lumberjack vest
$39.99 From $19.99
Black tote bag that reads "pumpkin spice sweater weather dog snuggles"
$14.99 $7.49